1Half Brazilian, half Uruguayan but born in the States, Tatiana grew up on both hemispheres and has a knowledgeable taste of different cultures. Milanna began as a designer jewelry company created in Punta del Este, Uruguay that later transitioned its base to Southern California and into fashion styling.

Throughout the years, Milanna has designed custom jewelry for bloggers, fashion editors, runway shows, TV personalities, brand name stores and small boutiques. Tatiana has not only designed the jewelry but also styled every Milanna photo shoot over the past 5 years.

2Now located in Laguna Beach, she still maintains designs inspired from Latin American culture and the free spirited energy it implies.

She has collaborated with clothing lines to integrate jewelry into their designs, customized jewelry lines for designer runway shows, and is now focused on wardrobe styling.

Just like the jewelry, each styling experience is one of a kind. Her passion for styling is as obvious as her contagiously outgoing and positive personality. Always one to have three solutions to every problem, she is a team player and won’t settle for less than 110% satisfaction.

“Do it with passion or not at all”